gravit designer : an awesome alternative on vector apps horizon

For many years Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and many other proprietory vector graphics applications have dominated the world. For print, animation, screen and mostly everything.

Adobe Illustrator is being used for many years, Ofcourse its flexibility, credibility, functionality power. Indeed it is supirior in everyway. Though many artists, aspiring students and startups may not afford the costly application fee in their initial stages.

Few years back opensource community initiated Inkscape project with a good will. Inkscape considering its opensource is great application to work on personal projects. It has large user developer community which is helpful too.

Inkscape has professional, traditional interface compared  to these proprietory apps but its process, experience is kind of dull and uninspriring. Hense SVG file format was not part of my workflow. It was kind of negetive motivation to stick with other products. However, I kept looking for free, opensource application that can fullfill my basic vector design needs.

Recently I found gravit designer. I had used it in its very initial stages. Now its grown very nicely and it can be used as main app for projects, works. More over it has good community support, and growing development. They are using entirely new perspective towards their app development and SVG is rising again with these apps.  It is not an open source option though it states that it will remain free for ever.

I did some interactions with gravit developers on twitter and found very friendly to me. I was asked how did I felt using software, so here is my experience.

  • What do you like best about Gravit Designer?
    • I like its simplicity, UI. very clean and encouraging for new users to work. I like its library and cloud feature. I hope I would be able to upload my own templates for further use.
  • Any features missing for you?
    • There are many small features like select by fill, outline, text or similar properties. custom keyboard shortcuts, text overflow indicator, text flow from one hanger to other but considering application’s age and speed of growth I can see only its positive points for now. I understand it will come one by one in near future.
  • What’s currently your biggest pain point?
    • not a specific, as I have used it for my side projects and for very less time. I strongly wish that I should be able to use Devnagari half letters with this application. by this update I will be completely independent of my desktop. I will save my all works to cloud and do work from any where.
  • Which design software did you use before (or still use), how does it compare to Gravit Designer?
    • nothing can replace Illustrator and photoshop, really. for me Gravit is currenly out of comparison.
  • Where did you hear about Gravit Designer?
    • I had used it long back, when I was searching alternative to inkscape. It was online tool that time. This time I saw update post on facebook.
  • Which type of work do you use our app for?
    • I will be using this for small projects like social media marketing, web, UI, Icons design.

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