60 days with nokia c3

Today i completed 60 days [its now more and counting when this post is complete ]with nokia c3. I am a android savvy mobile user but for business purpose I purchased one separate phone, nokia c3. Today it completed 60 days and my experience was not that bad.

phone isn’t bad at all, phone is good !

This is what comes in mind everytime I get to write about it in this post. life is busy with work and as I am using it, its becoming task to manage this phone.

Its a good phone just few years late being used. It has wifi, bluetooth, whats app, facebook, app store .. but not sure which works and how it works or will it work.

my needs : basic

My needs while buying was really basic, I need a phone which can access directory quickly, has conversation view, occasional email check, if possible fb twitter access. This phone has all these facilities with qwerty keypad. I was happy while taking this @ 6k INR. I bought this when I was fade up with my old galaxy 3 with Ice cream sandwich and before I bought micro max canvas 2. Its a period when I was irritated by notifications, whats app, check ins resulting a slow phone. I was not interested in buying an android but wanted some connectivity and sturdy phone. I got it as I wanted.

first few days : नव्याचे नऊ दिवस ..


I was like happy , tap a button menu appears .. tab a button camera starts .. [ yes camera is average quality but captures scenes very well ] there was no loading like androids do or else.. I recently printed few photos from this phone and they were pretty good . photos at night is not possible for this lens. भूल जाओ !

Phone build

Its a mix build of plastic and metal, battery is removable. it charges quickly and remains for long time. buttons are handy .. though curve at bottom makes you trouble while pressing ctrl+ key combos. buttons are really good.


no typo mistakes clear notification and cut paste is like we do on pc. you can do ctrl + a , ctrl + c, ctrl+ v as you do on pc., it also supports indic languages but typing on that keyboard is very long learning curve which stresses you at start. it has in build directory for hindi but suggestions make you more discouraged for typing.

I personally used english keyboard and have no letter printing on it for dev nagari script.  overall it works for me.


loud and good quality, music details can not be heard but its good loud sound. over all in call you get good audio, but if you use it to express your anger it reduces like mine .. its ok ..

screen & UI

screen is also good, bright, I have used few themes with it. its good display. though its ui is not using its space properly is what i feel. Its notification are too huge and take too much screen time. even it asks for delete like windows .  UI experience is consistent in confusing and I keep traveling in menus day by day.

wi-fi / edge connectivity

its an unsolved mystery for me. wifi connectivity to a stored connection or settings is consistently disturbed. when  i try to use edge even if wifi is available it tries to get a wifi and when i try to use wifi it tries to connect with edge connection and i am disconnected. [ when i started using when my canvas 2 lost again  I did not stored any connection with it. now my default edge connection works well and i have no trouble ( touch wood.. )]


accessing my email account was really trouble on it. in first few days it was really oke and i was able to access it. now in  second phase when ever i try to login. google sends me an email that your email has been accessed via an app located in brazil !! WTF ! I mean seriously .. so I left idea of using it on phone.

Till today Its working for me as phone, and its bluetooth connectivity and edge connectivity has saved me in meetings when other smart phones refuesd to connect 3g connections ..

So for now its all is well .. but really soon I wish to have an android with good features !!


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