अवघा रंग एक झाला ..

this is recent work done in photoshop. some use of photo reference. not actual drawing but enjoyed a lot while painting process.

I am actually quiet busy with work .. but also does’nt means am not doing drawing or painting .. but not satisfied with..

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An entrepreneur, Design professional, run V – render studio. 10 years of experience with Wordpress, Web design, UI UX, Brand consulting. I do write, paint and shoot photos occasionally. I run https://www.youtube.com/veerendratikhe

  • Nice post. in coming cpl of months I am planning to learn photoshop so tht in few yrs I will compete you :D.. lol.. jokes apart.. good work as usual.. Sometimes give a chance to say not really good! hahaha..

  • Thanks,
    learning photoshop is really good experience you should go for it. 🙂

  • yog

    what an effect you have created…!


  • true.. m also waiting for the chance to say ‘not so good’…
    great work!! u rock…

  • thanks yog n madhura

  • Namskar Virendra.. Thank You for placing this pic here.. Good thought of mixing all the colors to get the real color Lord Pandurang..
    Santosh ( Haridas)
    +91 9657 06 7210

  • Thank you

  • Very Good