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An entrepreneur, Design professional, run V – render studio. 10 years of experience with Wordpress, Web design, UI UX, Brand consulting. I do write, paint and shoot photos occasionally. I run https://www.youtube.com/veerendratikhe

  • aah ! that’s awesomely cool ! …really liked the pose and life you have shown in it …kan tavkarlele …wagh ahe kuthetari jawal pass 🙂 …great …just great !

  • are ha ek study ahe eka sketch waroon kelela ..
    sorry i didnt mentioned it .. artist is not known to me !

  • Wow this is awesome!

  • Vary cool !!

  • me

    nice, !

  • thank you rames , andrew , me[?]

  • me

    thanks for visiting my blog too:)

  • me

    see my updated profile:)

  • me

    do u read my blog? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    if so then there is new post added, check.

  • विरेन्द्र,
    फारच छान! हरिणाचे टवकारून पहाण्याचे क्षण फारच चांगले रेखाटले आहेस. चित्रसेवा सतत सुरुठेव

  • amazing…its giving out a very realistic effect

  • Khoopach chaan sketches ahet!
    Keep up posting them regularly 🙂