As designer I always have following questions. Here I am trying to find answers

1. is responsive, mobile first web design restricting your creativity?

2. are performance / page speed / analytic tools  limiting you from adding more features ? 

3. make it clear upfront to client
define new ways..  design for each media, design for visitors not devices 

Is responsive, mobile first web design restricting your creativity?

Each media is different, its work flow, behavior is different. you need to understand work flow of user and then think about design. one single design can be converted to all medias uniformly only if thought behind design is well curated keeping user in center.

Designs should not be dependent upon media specifications, it should be designed in such way that it can adapt in any media. If it does adapt any media and impacts its audience then its sign of a good design.

Apple : device wise user experience is excellent, designed independent of any media.  Their simplicity, gray tones, contrast levels and way of handling content is making them independent from any media. 

Google : recently made change in their brand strategy, that change is device independent, user centric experience focused design strategy. 

Why design needs to be independent from media?

As time changes devices get updated, software get updated, some things break, get out of support hence design fails. It varies in performance on different devices, screens, medias. Its not just case for apps, websites but its true about print media too. One single advertise printed in different news papers performs differently, depending upon its paper quality, printing technology used and inks. Its same case about  android apps, some apps are not even allowed on few devices limiting their own user base. Where as ios apps (I do not know much about them, I am not apple user either ) I believe have same performance across all their devices as they have really limited range of devices as compared to others. design should be independent from media, os platform. it should be above all concentrating on user centric content. 

If we decide not to design for devices, like mobile first approach or so then  what should we think of?

Think about only your users. Learn about them, understand their requirements, this empathy is really important for a good design. 

As devices update, humans learn and get used to it. Devices, media get out dated but human body remains same, well almost.  Most important to consider about users that, they have right to accept / reject the change. So understanding them and designing according to their empathy may sound challenging at first but believe, it will solve many problems of their and your life.

Don’t think of trends that are in market, they are just mirrors raised by people. A good design never reflects trends, rather it has its own persona in such way that after seeing it a new trend starts. 

human get used to trends but basics remain same. 

design for preferences, humans, content presentation.

For e.g. Microsoft introduced new tile UI approach in recent years through launching windows 8, 10 branding, lumia series phones. The change, approach taken in windows were really experimental and unique, out of the box. At start user were not happy with their new design on desktop experience but as they introduced windows 10 with user empathy reflection in it. Old & new user base is now engaged in it. 

This shows value of independent, good design. now they are making an OS which is device independent. but it not just stops here, their branding is doing its work  excellent in all media including print. 

logo तयार करून घेत आहात ?

नवीन #logo करायचा असेल तर पुढील गोष्टी लक्षात घ्या म्हणजे नंतर तुम्हाला ग्राफिक लोगो डिझायनर शी बोलणे सोपे जाईल.

  1. logo / चिन्ह तयार करताना हा विचार असावा की तो कोणत्याही माध्यमांमध्ये सहज व एक सारखा उतरवता आला पाहिजे. मग मुद्रण [print] असो वा चित्रण [graphic]. या बाबत विचार करताना मोबाईल पासून फ्लेक्स पर्यंत सगळे पर्याय पडताळून पहिले पाहिजेत. logo सर्व माध्यमात एकसारखा दिसणे महत्वाचं . लोगो तयार करताना नेहमी तो काळ्या / करड्या पण एकच रंगात करावा. अगदीच दोन भाग पडत असतील तर त्यातल्या त्यात ग्रे शेड्समधेच तो बनवला म्हणजे तो कोणत्याही इतर रंगसंगतीत उतरवता येतो आणि नंतर रंगाचे बंधन राहत नाही.
  2. logo किमान १ स्क्वे. इंच ते कमाल आकारात सहज कमी जास्त करता आला पाहिजे व तसाच ओळखता ही आला पाहिजे. कमी आकारातला लोगो मोठ्या आकारात जाताना त्यातील details वाढले तरी उत्तम पण कमी होताना त्याच मूळ प्रमाण [proportion, character] बदलता कामा नये.
  3. एक रंगापासून तयार केलेले चिन्ह खूपदा साधे वाटते पण बऱ्याच brands चे logo पहिले तर तो साधे पणाच नंतर ग्रेट वाटू लागतो .. उदा. Tata, Airtel, bajaj etc. या लोगोची ताकदच साधेपणात आहे. तेव्हा logo दिसायला साधा सरळ आहे अस म्हणण्यापेक्षा व्यक्त होत आहे ते महत्वाचं !
  4. logo ची संकल्पना हि त्या समविचारी व्यावसायी लोगोंपेक्षा वेगळी व उठून दिसणारी असावी. logo हि पुर्णत: जो लोगो बनवून वापरणारा आहे त्याची मालकी असते, त्या व्यक्तीच अथवा व्यवसायाच व्यक्तिमत्व लोगोतून उतरले तर तो उत्तम लोगो म्हणता येईल.
  5. थोडक्यात सांगायचं झालं तर लोगो साधा, समर्पक व व्यक्त होणारा असावा.

#logo तयार करताना त्याचा उद्देश तयार करून घेणाऱ्या व्यक्तीला स्पष्ट माहित असणे आवश्यक असते. त्यामुळे आपल्याला लोगो designerकडून काय हवे आहे ते माहित होते आणि दोघांना सुसंवाद साधता येतो. नाही तर बरेचदा असे दिसून येते की लोगो कर्ता आणि करविता यात वाद होतात आणि काम ओम फस होते!!!

Make it Write way !

As an artist, self learning designer, developer etc. etc., I am always engaged into thoughts of random subjects. Very few of them get expressed via designs & artworks but those good, bad, silly, weird unexpressed thoughts can create good amount of content if make it right  Write way.

We have learned to express by birth,
expressionless human is as good as dead.

In early childhood crying was first media of expression,
out in the air and cry,
hungry give cry,
dirty give cry,
unattended give a cry cry cry !!
then came some pleasure, baby starts smiling and other facial expressions.

Ways to express !

As baby grew, learned new techniques to express, painting, drawing, singing, talking.  Now to make record of each expressed thing, it needs a static media, that expressions can’t be. Audio visual medium is still hectic and not easy to maintain. Recording each expression is difficult, so other way is visually coding the expression, by drawing. But drawing, painting is more matured way of visual expression, It needs time, space and media too!

Writing is quickest way to express,

Why a designer, artist should write?

  • Writing is micro version of drawing in my opinion, in fact its language that writing media uses hand in hand to express and that makes it more powerful. Its straight forward,  can go to the point or can take liberty to elaborate.
  • It can express visuals, audio and can create experience. You can simply express your expected design in two three lines and get to next idea. even before sketching. It can help you in a pre sketch stage as seed.
  • It can pin point your idea quickly and help you visualize further without loosing start point, writing this concept map / design plan isn’t necessary being in form of paragraphs, it can be in form of notes accompanied with pictures, drawings as you wish.
  • Getting used to this is very easy and can be done at any time, place. Just needs pen / paper or a good cellphone. keep goal of writing 10-15 lines of any subject can improve your writing skills. Reading back what you wrote is another key to improve.
  • Can help you to make an idea, dreams, experiences collection of your life.

So, do it Write way!



तळपत्या उन्हाचा ताज मिरवते
रुक्ष तनुचा शृंगार तुझा
अंतरीचे गुज सांगते
गुंगून जातो, रंगून जातो
वाहून जातो रूपात तुझिया
तेजपुष्पांनी बहरली कॅशिया

ओला गॅम्बोज, लेमन यलो
थोडा मरून, निळा
मिसळते निळाई आकाशी
काळी लयकारी तिला
हिरवाईची नसे पूस
जसा ज्वानीचा बहार तुझिया
मंद झुळूकेवर झुलते कॅशिया ..

शुभ दीपावली





नाश झाला

सण आला

वीरेन्द्र तिखे
नरक चतुर्दशी,