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Veerendra Tikhe, Watercolour landscape artist from Pune India

My father introduced me to watercolour tubes at an early age. I have been fascinated by this medium since that day. It is an amazing, intriguing and expressive media, especially for the watercolour landscape. School art life

I learned about this media and art from everywhere. To mention it specifically, I saw the first use of it from Dinesh Subhedar uncle in the neighbourhood, Then I saw Mr Parsekar’s painting session while he was painting his friend’s portrait for his ATD submission. Today, he is a well known and excellent Ganesh idol artist in Pune. I have learned many bits from him and his family. It was like my daily routine to observe and bother them by asking questions. I think at this period I decided to choose art as my career. Then in school, we had a very nice art teacher, Mr Ghatole sir, Mr Shivram Hake sir who built my confidence and belief in Indian art. They also encouraged me to participate in various art contests which resulted in awards.

Finally, after finishing high school, I arrived at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya for a fine art diploma. Where I learned and experienced the world of art. I didn’t get enough guidance for landscape or watercolour media here, but I had a great opportunity to make many friends, like Niranjan Mhamane, Aditya Shirke, Salil Uplekar, Chaitanya Gokhale, Sachin Burande and many others.

ATUR Art Foundation 1st Award, 2005

Watercolour Landscape Group

As an additional activity to learn more, I joined Sanskarbharati’s landscape group. Here I learned a lot about outdoor sketching, painting and having fun with media. I got the chance to wander about almost every village near Pune for watercolour landscape painting with Late. Sachin Naik. I got opportunities to interact with eminent artists like Mr. Milind Mulick sir, Mr. Vasudeo Kamath sir, Late Shivaji Tupe sir, Mr. Manoj Sakle sir & Mr. Ravi Deo sir. I made good friends here, Nikhil Takle, Amod Jagtap and many senior hobby artists and architects. It was a great episode of my life.
I paint for myself, to enjoy the process and share the joy with others. I am learning from the open world of watercolour artists & specifically following lessons from Mr. Milind Mulick sir

I am conducting workshops for beginners and art students on weekends

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