Noto sans font by Google

Meet  Noto

Google’s new serif, sans serif font family with 96 language support.

This website currently uses its english and devnagari version for marathi.  English font is working great but still I am not able to see noto devnagari font on this website.


Google has officially added this in web fonts collection and Devanagari version is available for use in web. This bi lingual or multi lingual font will change world of web typography really.  I was really waiting for good Devanagari font. This website was using web font lohit supported on web fonts in other scripts, on default it was using mangal font but both were not impressive. this noto font has really good characters for reading.


I have not written this post in devnagari because I m not able to see it working  via google web fonts

UPDATE : I am using this font successfully on this website, please read other articles, I was adding css in wrong way. Following is code for adding it to site. please feel free to use. I am overwriting my CSS of site using simple css plugin for wordpress. Add following code to your main style.css file in starting to work well.

@import url(,700&subset=latin,devanagari);
body,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6, p, li, a { 
font-family:"Noto Sans","Noto Sans Devanagari","utsaah", arial , sans-serif ;

download Noto sans and its other versions from here

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